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Hi, I’m David Palmer. I’m in the business of helping my clients make sound real estate investments.


I inspect homes and commercial buildings. I mean, really inspect them. From the inside out using a pair of eyes and ears that have carried me through more than 41 years of building, wiring, renovating, maintaining every kind of home and building imaginable.

In short, not much gets past my inspection detective radar.

I don’t sugar coat anything. When I’m on the job, I just write down what I see. No excitement. No emotion. And when I’m done, you get an immediate personal guided tour of the house or building along with a verbal report plus an easy to read and understand written report complete with plenty of pictures detailing any of the major visible (and sometimes, not so visible) deficiencies, or potential problems, along with my recommendations.

Sometimes, I even disappoint buyers – until, that is, they realize how my experience and education just saved them alot of money.

I don’t know about you but where I come from, the peace of mind I get knowing I made a smart investment, always leaves me with a good feeling inside.

If there’s a visual problem lurking in, under or around a house, you can count on me to do my very best to find it.

And as my client, you’ll be the first to know.

I sometimes think of myself as the inspector a realtor would hire if he or she wanted to find a house that was a solid investment.

When I sign my name to your home inspection report, you can be sure you have received the very best service you’ll find anywhere.

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“David presents information in a very professional and informative way. My clients feel great about their new home when they know exactly how it works and what they need to do to maintain it. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, detailed and enjoyable home inspection.” Rachel O’Hearn, The Leslie Benczik Team

“David took the time to go through our house with us and gave us a thorough analysis. He presented the information in a very clear manner and we left with an understanding of exactly what we needed to do immediately and in the future. This process made us feel more comfortable with our home!” Kelly Lumsden, Home Seller

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